X-Connector is a Hyundai Autoever solution

It is an interface management total solution

that provides a one-stop web-based development environment, Plug-in adapter, Monitoring & Control

Comerstone Consulting Co., Ltd. is the distributor of X-Connector


X-Connector is an Interface Management Total Solution that supports all of EAI, API, and Monitoring to ensure economic efficiency, convenience,

scalability, and stability.


System perspective: When configuring the system, it is possible to configure the linked system with only the X-Connector

without purchasing additional products (commercial database), thereby reducing the system introduction cost.

Service perspective: Templated service patterns are provided for each type of interface, with the same pattern,

improving the development productivity of the interface, and reducing development costs.

Integrated monitoring function: Real-time interface monitoring, topology monitoring, and resource status monitoring

can be integrated and managed,Supports interface analysis, statistics and fault notification.

Web-Based DEV.Tool: Multiple users can develop services at the same time without installing

separate development tools in the local environment.

Built-in adapters and templates to develop, test and debug services without coding.

System perspective: Node scale-out enables horizontal and continuous expansion of instances.

Service perspective: Templated service patterns are provided for each interface type, and development productivity of interfaces

with the same pattern can be improved.

Server stability: Configure instance clustering environment with Node Scale-Out and ensure server stability with distributed

processing capability.

Data stability: Prevents data loss by real-time copying and saving all instance server session information, big-data node data,

and database storage information.

Main function


The solution's interface execution

results are expressed in charts and

grids in hours and days.

Real-time monitoring of CPU, Memory,

Disk,and Network usage of all systems

through Dashboard

When the error of the interface and

the server resource threshold usage

exceeds, the history can be tracked

through detailed inquiry and when

the failure occurs and the surrounding

situation can be reviewed together

Support various components

Support 299 kinds of various


All that can happen in information


Support coding guide to create user

Component (Adapter)

Convenient development tool in GUI


By providing a Web-Based development

environment,multiple users can

develop services simultaneously

without installingseparate development

tools in the local environment.

Provides a template-based development

environment that can generate various

built-in adapters and various types of

interface patterns, enabling service

development, testing, and debugging

without coding

Administrator function

All management functions can be

controlled from the integrated

management menu

Representatively manage EAI server

information,linked system information,

Apdater information,scheduler

information, etc.

Component,Interface Template,Library,

etc. used in interface development can

also be controlled from the

management menu

Main screen


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